Slotomania Free Coins Mega Bundle: Collect 42,000+ Free Sloto Coins Guaranteed

Collect Slotomania Free Coin

Slotomania Free Coins mega bundle in this post contains minimum 42,000 coins and they can be claimed one by one after clicking the given below buttons. Start with the top button and then move to the next one and claim until you reach to the last button.

This Sloto coins package is totally free and you don’t need to fill any surveys or sign-up anywhere to get them. They are straightforward coupons to obtain the authentic Slot machine game tokens directly into your balance. Follow the below instructions to get your free coins for Slotomania now.

How to claim the free coins in Slotomania Slot machines game:

  1. Click or Tap on the “Click Here” button(s) below.
  2. If you are not taken directly to app, click on Plan Now Button on the next opened tab (on your mobile) or if you are taken to Facebook, then you will need to log-in to Facebook with the account you play.
  3. You will be taken to the game screen where coins will be added to your account depending on your status in the game.

NOTE: Wait for all the buttons to load, they might take a moment to load fully.

GET YOUR FREE COINS with the following Button(s):

Two 8,000 Coin links:

8000 Slotomania Coins (1)

8000 Slotomania Coins (2)

One 10,000 Coin links:

10,000 Coins

One 7,000 Coin links:

7000 Coins

Three 2,000 Coin links:

2000 Sloto Coins (1)

2000 Sloto Coins (2)

2000 Sloto Coins (3)

One 3000 Coin links:

3000 coins for Slotomania


Get More Slotomania Coins And Spins

Please Note: The above given buttons that contain the links maybe expired you already claimed them. (All guarantees are valid if the links isn’t old or expired) Other than this, you may get more or less of the mentioned reward because of your status or other factors.

If you didn’t get the above offer(s) because it was expired then you can Click on the ‘Click Here For More’ button and get latest new links for Slotomania coins.

About the Slotomania Slot Machines free rewards:

Bronze will receive the minimum amount of coins and Diamond and above status levels will get more. Each status has different benefits. You can collect 200x the mentioned coins if your status is Royal Diamond. Even if you are on Silver status, you still can receive 5x of the mentioned reward.

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